Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Farewell to Blogging

I have said farewell before, but now . . .

It's been 28 years, as of February 5, 2014, since my two daughters were in a catastrophic car accident, one of the most crucial and pivotal experiences of my life as dramatized in my memoir In the Mirror. Its ramifications are still a major part of my life as I've been taking care of my brain injured daughter Jen for over 26 years.

I'll be 74 years old in May of 2014, and life is becoming more of an uphill climb for both of us. Jen requires more and more of my attention to help her deal with the pain in her body, pain that increases rather than decreases.

Taking care of her is my first priority. My second is to read more books that have been on my shelf for years, as well as the dozens of e-books, some of them by you, that are lined up on my e-reader. I also want to write a spiritual memoir for family and close friends.

Therefore, I'm retiring from social media, but this isn't good-bye. I can't resist stopping by occasionally to see what you're up to. To see if you've published that first or second or third book that I'll want to read. I feel honored to be associated with such talented writers.

Thanks for the memories!